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Outer Camp Ministries

Reaching outside of the walls

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T's Talk

Posted on September 14, 2014 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (80)

Greetings to all. Those of you who may have looked at this blog, in the past. And, to anyone whom may be concerned, I apologize, for not submitting anything, for quite awhile. I became discouraged, for the most part. Yet, laziness played a part, as well. I will give a few updates on our services, from time to time, However, the focal point of this blog will be "inputs", regarding the book, or, study guide, that the Lord has prompted me to bring forth. It shall be titled, "Aspects of Love, References from the Bible"' This issuance shall be used, in Bible Studies, by Outer Camp Ministries, in penal and correctional institutions, in the State of Texas, and otherwise, Others are welcomed to use this guide, as well. 

I will began this project, starting today (9/14/14). I will petition the administration, at the Tulia (Texas) Unit, to use the "English Bible Study", to serve as a pilot facility. We will ask to appropriately change the name of this Study, to the "Aspects of Love Bible Study". We will keep all things concerning this assertive, in total confidentiality.

Please be in prayer for us in this matter..


T's Talk

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 6:03 PM Comments comments (9)
Ministry Events for week ending 4/20/14:

There were no Studies at the Tulia Unit, nor, The Youth Center of the High Plains, due to an "off week".

Sunday's Service at the Formby Unit: The Praise Team has undergone a massive addition of men. Yet, they were guided well, and, for the most part, very harmonious. They led us in a few songs of worship. Danny McFalls gave an overview of Outer Camp's coming together. Then, from Luke, chapter twelve, he gave a word. Jesus wept, was a focal point. He spoke of "coming to the cross", and it's essential importance. I delivered a word from, Mark 15: 27-31. The reference was of our Lord Jesus, telling of the destruction, and rebuilding of the temple. Verses from Revelation 21: 22-23,27 were also, submitted. God, the Father, and our Lord Jesus are the temple of eternal bliss. Verse 27 vents out a warning to all who try to climb up another way. Anything which defiles is rejected.

Sunday's Service at the Formby Unit (Wheeler State Jail attendees): The Praise Team, once again, led in a few songs of worship. Danny gave a word from John 12: 44-47. He spoke about the spokesmen for Jesus. I delivered a message from Isaiah 53: 8, 10-12. What, or whom, could appease or satisfy, the Lord of Eternity, in death, but, Himself, in Christ Jesus?


T's Talk

Posted on April 7, 2014 at 11:58 AM Comments comments (12)
Ministry Events for week ending 4/6/14:

I am still in recovery from my second retinal tear surgery. So, I will be brief.

There were no Studies at the Tulia Unit or the Youth Center of the High Plains, due to me setback.

Sunday's Service at the Clement's Unit: The Praise Team lead off the service. One of the men gave a brief message, followed by a couple more songs of praise. I delivered a word from I John 5: 19-20. Who is your brother? References were made of Cain and Abel. We all come from the same womb (Eve), and of the same seed (Adam). Thus, we are all brothers and sisters.

T's Talk

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 12:28 PM Comments comments (12)
Ministry Events fro week ending 3/23/14:

Tuesday's Study at the Tulia Unit, and Thursday's Study at the Youth Center of the High Plains, were not conducted, due to an "off week".

Thursday's Funeral Service for Jack D Johnson, Jr., Pastor of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, in Amarillo, Texas: 
Jesse Turner, my brother, Pastor of Little Zion Baptist Church, in Brownwood, Texas, officiated the Service. I gave the old and new testament renderings. Edgar Joe Coffer, Pastor of New Birth Church, in Amarillo, Texas, led in prayer, and, Donald Newsome, my nephew, New Jerusalem , gave the Eulogy.

I am writing these next submissions, in some duress. Today is actually, March twenty-fifth. And, I am about to go, in a few hours, to have my right eye operated on again. I have another detached retina. This eye was operated on, nine months hence. So, I will not give a lot of details on the three Services.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Revival Services at the Clements Unit: The attendees were from four, seven, and eight buildings, at the Unit. All were led in song, by the Praise Team. Danny McFalls led in the pulpit devotions, in the first and third Services, While, I came at the end. The second Service pulpit messages were led off, with a word from Jesse Turner. He was supposed to be the keynote speaker. But, as we were mixed up. And as, Danny and I waited on him in the parking  lot, he was inside preaching. We realized that the Lord had rearranged the order of service, He is always in control. Danny came next, and then I delivered a word. It was, of no doubt, that the Spirit of the Most High, moved all-mightily, in all of the Services. Praise His name.



T's Talk

Posted on March 18, 2014 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (11)
Ministry Events for week ending 3/16/14:

We, of Outer Camp Ministries are about to embark on a very busy schedule, Lord's will. I apologize to all, who may be following, this blog. I have been slack, in my updates. I will try to keep focused, in this venue, as long as the Lord sees fit. I have been contemplating and meditating, on writing a book.If done, it will be to help in the teachings, at the facilities, that we have studies at. And, for other deployments. I have began to give out "Certificates of Achievement" to those who have  attended, at least twenty-six weeks of study, in the "English Bible Study", at the Tulia Unit.  There remains, at a minimum, one hundred men, whom I need names and numbers of, to send them their certificates. Many are scattered at various Units. If anyone has info regarding these men, please advise me of them, and their whereabouts. 

Tuesday's study at the Tulia Unit: We reviewed Psalms 34: 17-19. We had looked into verses 12-17, at the last meeting. King David gave illustrations of the cries, or, prayer renderings, unto God, and His responses to them. As Jesus spoke about the prayers that are sent "amiss", we should be mindful, of the importance, in being truthful to God, as well, as to ourselves.

Thursday's Study at The Youth Center of the High Plains: I took the Strong's concordance, and we reviewed scriptures concerning forgiveness. We started at Matt 6: 12. The Lord's prayer instructions in forgiveness serve as a guideline for all, inside of Christ and for those, who have not yet surrendered. It displays the reality of requests, of a patient, and ready to forgive Father. We shared many scriptures, as led by the Spirit of God. This class was very responsive and attentive. Praise the Lord, on High.

Saturday: I received word, this morning, that my pastor has died. Jack Johnson, the pastor of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, in Amarillo. Please be in pray for all affiliated with him, including his wife, Ruby, my sister.

Saturday's Revival Service at the Roach Unit: The Praise Team led us in a few songs pf praise. Danny McFalls delivered a word form several scriptures. He also gave a testimony of his change. I gave a message from Isaiah 7:14. Comparisons were made of our mother Eve. 

Sunday's Revival Service (morning): I want to pause here to tell you of the faithfulness of two of the Volunteer Chaplains, at the Roach Unit. Larry Crabtree and his wife, have contributed much to the ongoing Church Services, and Kiaros activities at the Unit. Their faith and  steadfastness, has been unselfish, which illustrates their love for the Father, and all that are blessed through them. The Praise Team led us in spiritual renditions to the Father. Danny McFalls came forth with words of encouragement, and examples of yielding to God. I gave a word from John 14: 26-23. Yes, in reverse. It was to put emphasis, on the fact that the Holy Ghost, is not alone within the tabernacle of saved souls. The Father and the Son, also, sets up an everlasting abode. They are not separated, in any phase of salvation.

Sunday's Revival Service (noon): the Praise Team led, again, in our songs of worship. Danny McFalls spoke on some of the keys to salvation. Since, we were strapped for time. He was brief. I delivered a message, briefly, concerning "laying it down", at the cross. We, as messengers of God, usually, put in great efforts, painting pictures of Heaven and Life eternal, in the bosom of the Father. But, I was lead to take the "low road", if you will. A picture of Hell and Death eternal, in a tormented Hell, where you are not "surely dead".

Sunday's Revival Service - Boot Camp (afternoon): A couple of songs of praise, were played on the cd player. One of the men gave a testimony and scriptures. Danny McFalls gave some details on yielding to God, and some testimony. I gave a word from John 11: 30-35. Jesus wept. Why? It was not just for Lazarus. For, the Savior waited a few days to go and raise him from the dead. He knew what he would do, to glorify the Father. Those tears were, without doubt, for us.

T's Talk

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (12)
Ministry Events for week ending 1/13/14:

Tuesday's Study at the Tulia Unit: We began the Study with prayer requests. However, it quickly turned to testimonies, and, personal discussions. I allowed this to continue, for almost an hour, at the unction of the Holy spirit. Finally, we had other prayer requests, and thus began our Study. We, reviewed the third chapter of Genesis, again. We started at verse nine and paused at verse fourteen. The Spirit of God is taking His time with this chapter of study. We are all patient, as we realize the volume of content, that is being forwarded in manifestation, unto us.  I realized, as I departed the Unit, that our chatter, in the onset of the class, was done, so we could know each other better. Thank him!

Thursday's Study at the Youth Center of the High Plains: This Study was well composed by the Holy Spirit. He alone, knows what we were, and are, in need of. We reviewed Luke 7: 1-10. This passage was highly needed, and received. There was a very good attention span, by the attendees. They were very interested, and involved in discussion of those things revealed unto them. As well as myself. Glory to the Lord God Almighty!

Sunday's Service at the Montford Unit (Trustee Camp): Danny and I visited the New Divine Baptist Church in Lubbock, before we ventured unto the Montford Unit. We had to leave right before the Worship Service. The newly installed Chaplain (Claybrook), came to the Service. One of the men opened with prayer. The Praise Team led us in four songs of worship. I, then, led us in the celebration of our Lord's Supreme sacrifice, at the cross, on Calvary's hill, in the holy communion. Danny McFalls gave a testimony, and a word from I Peter 5:8, and Luke 18: 18-22. His main observation was directed to the distractions that all Christians face, daily. I delivered a message from Genesis 13: 5-13. The grass may look greener on the other side, but, it could be infested with snakes.

T's Talk

Posted on December 15, 2013 at 1:33 PM Comments comments (12)
 Greetings to all, especially to those whom may have an interest in this blog. I had postponed all writings, in many areas, due to an onslaught, of confusion by others. I, now will begin to illicit my input, as guided by the Holy Ghost, of the Lord. Please, forgive me for anything, negative unto any of you.. I will not try to revisit all the blogs not written. Yet, we will go back in time, somewhat.

Ministry Events for week ending 12/8/13:   

Tuesdays Study at the Tulia Unit: Since, we have changed the day of the week for this Study, there have been many obstacles. No one is to blame. Now, we are slowly coming back to our norm. We finished up on some of our research in I Timothy, third chapter. Since an additional thirty minutes has been added to our Study, previously unknown to me, we began an overview of chapter three of Genesis. We looked at the first two verses. At the "pausing", of this session, for the night, the men were on fire. we were all overjoyed in the things that the Lord was revealing unto us.

Thursdays Study at the Youth Center of the High Plains: Revelation 22: 18-19, served as the backdrop for this Study. It was to open the view of those that meddle hinder, and try to stop, the Lord's business. We went from there to Matthew 4: 1-7, with emphasis on verse six. It was to show the evil intent of those who take away, or, add to the word of God. Finally, we ventured to Psalms 91: 11-12. "To keep thee in all thy ways", was omitted by the deceiver. For he was trying to downplay the word of God, as he did also, when he asked," If thy be the son of God". God forbid.

Friday's Revival Service at the Roach Unit: The cold stymied the attendance, somewhat. The Praise Team led off with songs of worship. Volunteer Chaplain Crabtree opened up the pulpit devotional portion of the Service, and gave an introduction of the speakers of the hour. Danny McFalls came with a testimony of a son lost to this world, about twenty-five years hence. He, also, delivered a lesson on the prodigal son, from Luke's fifteenth chapter. I delivered a word from Jeremiah: 13-15. It is pride which keeps one from laying it all down, at the foot of the cross, of salvation. We offered prayer, and many men came forth with evident emotions.

Saturday's Revival Service at the Roach Unit: The Praise team, once again, came with songs of worship. They did an outstanding work. Danny McFalls gave some scripture, along with words of encouragement. I sung a rendition of "Walk with me".  Genesis 5: 21-24, was the background for the message that I delivered. Adam, Enoch, Job, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ all walked with the Lord. We must remember that there is great suffering with servitude unto Him. Glory to God.

Sundays (First Revival) Service at the Roach Unit: The Praise Team led in songs of Praise. They sung an upbeat rendition of "Walk with Me". Danny gave an overview of "Lazarus and the Rich Man", from Luke's sixteenth chapter. I delivered a message from II Corinthians: 12:9. After we receive the "Gift of Grace", what else is required for us? IT IS ENOUGH!

Sunday's (Second Revival) Service at the Roach Unit: The Praise team sung a few songs of worship. We are indebted to their submissions of faith. Danny came with a testimony, as well as, a plea to the young men to consider their enrollment into the army of God. I came with a general message, where one must go to the cross all alone. The reality of an eternal Hell was described. Prayer was forwarded for several of the men.

Sunday's Revival Service at he Roach Unit (Trustee Camp): Danny gave a brief overview of Outer Camp, and testimony. I delivered a message from Acts 28:23-28. Many have eyes closed, in a selfish display, of an unwillingness to bow down, to the Lord of Saboath.

T's Talk

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 8:02 PM Comments comments (21)
Ministry Events for week ending 10/6/13: 

Tuesday's Study at the Tulia Unit: Due to Administration procedures, we did not convene this week.

Thursday's Study at the Youth Center of the High Plains: Psalms 118: 21-24 served as a prerequisite for Isaiah 55:8-11. The day that the Lord has made continues on, even with the rising of the sun, and the setting of the same. His word, which resides from everlasting to everlasting, world without end, continues onward in the strength, of it's character. God's word continues to create anew, in the refurbishing of His creation, including mankind. After I prayed the pausing prayer, one of the young men asked the instructor, overseeing the Study, if he could approach me. In a whisper, he asked, "Can I be saved?" I replied, in all earnest, "Of course you can. I can pray for you, but, God wants to hear from you. Pour out your heart to him, and give it all, one hundred percent to Him. I will pray for you, but, you have to let Him hear from you. Do you understand?" "Yes sir", he answered. As I was leaving, going down the corridor, I prayed my usual prayer, for the Lord to allow His word to remain. I thought of that same young fellow. For it was he , who said that his grandfather was the pastor of his Church, and how they studied together. It reminded me of my home situation. Our work never can take a break, or a rest.

Sunday's Study at the Clements Unit: I opened the Service with scripture and prayer. The Praise Team led us in three songs of worship. I gave a testimony of my conversion. One of the men gave a brief message. Two more came with testimonies. One of the men delivered a message,  on our practice of forgiving.We, then, celebrated the Lord's Supper. I delivered a message from the aforementioned question at the Youth Center, that I was asked. "Can I be saved". Looking at others, we sometimes believe in our hearts, that some are non savable. We must remember where we came from, and who continued, without ceasing, to pray for us.

T's talk

Posted on October 1, 2013 at 10:07 PM Comments comments (12)
Ministry Events for week ending 9/29/13:

Tuesday's Study at the Tulia Unit: We did not meet, due to Administration procedures. Our Study has been put on hold, until these procedures are addressed. We will keep you posted of any updates.

Thursday's Study at the Youth Center of the High Plains: Our focus of this Study was on friends and friendships. We started at Proverbs 18:24, where we looked at earthly examples of friendship. However, John 15: 12-17 was our principal guide line. These young men gained interest and participated more in the Study, as it went along. The Lord opened, once again, their understanding to receive that which was reviewed. Thank Him!

Sunday's Service at the Pleasant Green Baptist Church (Hobbs, N.M.): Once again, this congregation received us with open arms, in a manifestation of an unfeigned love. Bro. Cook oversaw the Service. I delivered a message from II Corinthians 5:17, I Corinthians 11: 1, and I Peter 2:9. This message was to remind saints of whom they are in Christ Jesus, and our positioning in this world, and that in an eternal Heavenly abode. This congregation, also, delivered unto us a much needed stipend of charity. Our prayer is that the Lord continue to bless them in their community outreaches, and in a God fearing pastor being placed in their midst. 

Sunday's Service at the Lea County Correctional Facility: The praise Team led us in about five songs of worship, unto the Father. I delivered a word from Matthew 13: 53-58. Their is a consensus in the state of Texas, that the Lord Almighty is grooming an army, behind prison walls, to come out from behind bars, with the power of the Holy Spirit. I, also believe in this. And, the prisons of New Mexico, are of no difference. This word came forth to encourage those who have laid down their lives, at he cross of Jesus. Yet, it brought forth warnings, as well, unto those who would try and portray an alliance with Him, falsely. There were not many amens. This message flowed with a vigor, uninterrupted by any. Though I believe it was well received by those that had a desire to receive it.  On our return trip, I became very tired and sleepy. We, Gloria Turner and I, left Amarillo about seven thirty on Sunday morning, and we arrived back home, at three, on Monday morning. I had to pull over three times to catnap. Please, be in prayer for our scheduling, and more time to relax in these trips to various places. I,have been in prayer to the Father, to free up more time and resources, that we can extend and expand His ministry, as submissive servants

T's Talk

Posted on September 20, 2013 at 10:17 PM Comments comments (24)
Ministry Events for week ending 9/15/13:

Thursday's Study at the Tulia Unit: Due to the possible addition, of a new Study, to begin at the  Clements Unit, this Study is being moved to Tuesday evening. Every Tuesday, except for the third Tuesday, we shall convene in study. This past Thursday, we reviewed verses five through seven, from II Timothy. About half of the men were new attendees. There were about six men who have been coming to the Study for about two years, and a few more for about one year. There are many examples, of those who oppose the righteous way, as pretenders. We talked about, how many others follow after those "creepers". We, also, made mention of the growth, in the Lord, that we have witnessed, in one another. Thank Him!

Friday's Study at the Youth Center: Matthew 5: 1-6, was the focal point, for this Study. There were five young men, who made up the Study, initially. After about ten minutes, another young man came to join us. It seemed that none of them had a interest, in being in the Study. The Lord is always on board, for He is the Captain. They began to loosen up, and the Word of God, began to open up understandings. My Lord! Those that are blessed are given gifts form the Lord. The Holy Ghost being the Supreme Gift. Before the "pausing prayer", which I lead, I asked them, if anyone had any questions. One young man asked, if I would pray for him, concerning his near court date. He wanted to be released. I told him that I would pray for him. However, I would pray that God would place him anywhere, that he would be helped. I added that I did not want to see him get released, only to shortly return. He said that he understood. The young man, who came into the Study, after we began, asked if I would pray for him, as well. I agreed. Then I said to them, that they seemed as if they did not want to be there. The second young man replied that he didn't want to be there, referring to the Facility. I told him that I would pray the same prayer for him, as for the other. The Lord, once again, moved greatly. 

Sunday's Service at the Allred Unit: This Unit has made some significant changes. There are three State Chaplains, now in place. They have revamped their Praise Team. The main leaders are still in place. However, they are more organized. They also have appointed eight men to serve as ushers. Things are more decent and in order. The Praise Team lead us in three songs of worship. Very moving. Danny McFalls came forth with words of encouragement. He was moved and visibly shaken by the first song that was done. He put a lot of emotion into his testimony. The Praise Team lead us in two more songs. I came with a message from Matthew 5: 6. We all have strong desires for something, and or, someone in various stages of life. Usually, we lust after the things of this world, and, thus, we build or treasures. Whenever we turn our desires unto the Maker, in a hunger and thirst for his word, He begins to open our understanding, by His Spirit, and the "Bread of Life" begins to satisfy that sincere hunger and thirst. We must seek God, in order to find Him. The sequences which lead to eternal life with Him follows, as we continue in His Word. The partaking of the "tree of knowledge, of good and evil", caused man to "surely die" spiritually. The "tree of life", in Christ Jesus, the Word of God, is offered to all, that man may "surely live". But,all will not partake. For, all never hungers and thirsts for Him.