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Outer Camp Ministries

Reaching outside of the walls

About Us

Our greatest intent is to address the needs of others in the areas of discipleship and spiritual growth ; along with everyday and lifelong necessities. We strive in focusing on the command of Jesus to "GO". We are assessing this command in the state of Texas arena . However , we are not confined by geographical properties.  

It is our great joy to be servants of The Servant. We are engulfed in all facets of obedience, regarding Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 25:31-36.

Although, we may not be supported sometimes, in this phase of reaching out on behalf of others. We are not perturbed , dismayed , or shamed in any wise. As , we have non-defiled intents and actions, in our hopes to continue to blossom , in service unto others.

Thus , we beseech you to come to the aid of others , by providing prayer , advice , or any positive mean , that Our Father positions in your heart.